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I. Subject

The current Cookies Policy represents a summary on how the cookies are being used by PHAZZA EOOD (PHAZZA) and/or by third parties, through use of PHAZZA’s Interface by Visitors and Users.

The Visitors and the Users shall be aware and agree that each respective PHAZZA’s Interface shall be entitled to store and receive access to cookies, pixel tags and local storage, generated on their devices and/ or browsers, as well as to process these. The purpose of the storage, access and processing of the information gathered through cookies, as well as their management are fully described in this Policy.


 II. Cookies and their use

The cookies are small text files, which are stored on Visitors’ or Users’ devices and can be placed either by the owner of the relevant PHAZZA’s Interface, or by a third party. Cookies do not grant access to information stored on the relevant device and do not save Visitors’ and Users’ personal information, but they can be linked to files containing such voluntarily provided information. Every cookie has its own term of validity.

Cookies are usually used for saving information, which is related to the visit or the use of a specific PHAZZA’s Interface by the Visitors and the Users - for example for saving data, search preferences for personalization of the relevant PHAZZA’s Interface, etc.


III. Use of cookies by PHAZZA

PHAZZA places cookies and uses the information gathered by them for the purposes of optimization and provision of a complete and qualitative use of the functionalities of the relevant PHAZZA’s Interface, including for authorization, enhancing security, recognition of the search preferences of the Visitors and the Users, data insights, display of personalized content, behavioural advertising, settings’ saving, monitoring, etc., for purposes of satisfying the widest possible range of users’ needs and requirements.

With their presence on or the use of the relevant PHAZZA’s interface, the Visitors and the Users agree that PHAZZA shall have the right to place cookies, as well as to use the information gathered by cookies, including the right to make it available to third parties. The Visitors and the Users may receive information about the cookies currently approved by them, which is published on the relevant PHAZZA’s Interface.


IV. Use of cookies by third parties

In addition to its own cookies, PHAZZA uses cookies, generated by third parties with the purpose for improvement of the services provided, such as analytics modules and connections to Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Foursquare etc. PHAZZA shall not be held liable for the content and the use of cookies placed on the devices of the Visitors and the Users by third parties, as well as for changes of the type and the number of these cookies.

In order to receive more information and in case of any questions about the cookies used by third parties, the Visitors and the Users shall address their questions directly to the respective third parties and get acquainted with their cookies policies.


V. Informed choice and cookies management

In order to provide the Visitors and the Users with the opportunity to make an informed choice and to have full understanding of the mechanism of placing the cookies on their devices by PHAZZA and third parties and the use of the relevant information generated through the cookies, PHAZZA makes available on each PHAZZA’s Interface information on all cookies used by it, including a non-exhaustive list of the cookies used by third parties. The information includes the category of the relevant cookie, its name, validity term, purpose for placing, owner, as well as whether it is placed before or after a login through PHAZZA profile.

The Visitors and the Users may refuse the storage of and/or the access to specific cookies, by changing the settings of their browsers. The Visitors and the Users shall be informed that in case of limiting the cookies allowed by them, PHAZZA will be deprived from the opportunity to provide the full volume of functionalities of the relevant PHAZZA’s Interface.

Notwithstanding the above, the Visitors and the Users agree that some types of cookies are mandatory for the proper functioning of the relevant PHAZZA’s Interface, as well as for the proper functioning of the services, which they have activated and the shall not be able to refuse their use and/or access thereto, except by deactivating the relevant service.

The Visitors and the Users shall be informed that the different browsers have some specific cookies managing tools. By configuring the settings of the browser used by them, the Visitors and the Users shall apply the instructions, provided by the developers and the administrators of the relevant browser. For informational purposes and for Visitors’ and Users’ facilitation, PHAZZA has provided below, the following Internet links, containing information about the settings of the various Internet browsers, namely:


   Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) -;

   Google Chrome -;

   Safari -;

   Firefox -

   The Visitors and the Users agree that PHAZZA does not apply any control whatsoever and it shall not be held liable for the information and the instructions, described in the abovementioned websites, including for their content, functioning, adherence, accuracy and others.


 VI. Protection  of the information gathered through cookies

PHAZZA shall make all reasonable efforts to protect the personal life and personal data of the Visitors and the Users. In that regard, the information gathered through cookies will be used solely for the purposes described in the current Policy, as well as within certain limits - according to the applicable Bulgarian legislation regarding the protection of personal data. The Visitors and the Users may find detailed information about the collection and the processing of their personal data through cookies in the PHAZZA’s Privacy Policy.


VII. Amendment of the Policy

The Visitors and the Users agree that PHAZZA shall have the right to unilaterally amend, add or remove provisions of this Policy at any time, as it shall be deemed that the most current and valid revision of the Policy  is the latest revision of the Policy published on the relevant PHAZZA’s Interface. All amendments shall enter into force immediately after being published on the relevant PHAZZA’s Interface, without a need for explicit notification by PHAZZA in that regard.


VII. General  terms

The current Policy is an integral part of the relevant General Terms and Conditions of Use of PHAZZA’s Interface, which refer to it.

The current Policy is revised in full compliance with the requirements of the applicable Bulgarian and European legislation and is fully consistent with the provisions of Directive 2002/58 EC of the European parliament and the Council, as well as with Directive 2009/136 EC of the European parliament and the Council, regulating the processing of personal data and the protection of privacy in the electronic communications sector. 

For any other matters not settled by this Policy the relevant provisions of the acting Bulgarian legislation shall be applied. Applicable to disputes, between Visitors and Users and PHAZZA will be the regulations of the Bulgarian legislation, as in absence of a mutual agreement between the parties, the dispute shall be referred to the competent Bulgarian court with local jurisdiction in the city of Sofia.


IX. Definitions

Identifier – a unique combination of symbols, by which the User can identify him(her)self undoubtedly before PHAZZA or before third parties;

   PHAZZA’s Interface(the Interface) – an interface, property of PHAZZA with address;

   Partner – every person, who is in a contractual relationship with PHAZZA and who cooperates with PHAZZA in the rendering of the Services;

   Pixel tags - electronic images, which can be used on the relevant PHAZZA’s Interface to provide cookies;

  Policy - the current Cookies Policy;

  Beneficiary– an individual or legal entity which has an active PHAZZA profile and has obtained all rights and obligations for using services rendered by PHAZZA;

  Visitor – an individual, who has accessed an Interface of PHAZZA on its behalf, or on behalf and as a representative of a third person. Visitor can also be every User, who has not identified itself with its PHAZZA profile;

  Service - any added value provided to contracting parties by providing access to professional skills, information, software and technical resources by PHAZZA, which may be used on the basis of an agreement for a subscription in the form of accepted Terms and Conditions and/ or by conclusion of a contract;

 PHAZZA – “PHAZZA” EOOD, entered in the Commercial register with the Registry Agency under UIC 204142604, with registered seat and address of management: Sofia, 54, “G.M.Dimitrov” blvd., fl. 4, office 301, Bulgaria, registered as a personal data controller […] to the Register of data controllers, maintained by the Bulgarian Commission for personal data protection, phone number. +359 887 291 192, e-mail:;

 PHAZZA Profile - a unified profile of a Beneficiary, securing access to the Services rendered by PHAZZA, subject to the Beneficiary’s compliance with all requirement applicable to the respective Service.




Published on: 01 March 2017

Effective from: 01 March 2017



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