The Story of your body
A story made for the energetic team of Halfbike to promote their believes... and spread the notion for human in motion.
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What is PHAZZA?


PHAZZA is dedicated to animation and visual communication of subjects and topics of high social value. The platform is built to give the visual artists opportunities in bringing their messages for mutual understanding among people.

 PHAZZA was initiated by Asi Petrov in 2015. The first step towards realisation was backed up with initial grant donated by ROTARY-CLUB GILZE-RIJEN. The funding was spent on research and web development.

  In 2016 was published DAZZ project - mobile application that mixes carefully researched historical fact and dedicatred animation every day.  


 We are open for any opinion that can help us in nourishing  the immense and powerful human spirit.


What's on your mind?

If you have some suggestion about what we do, please feel free to use our contact form the best way you can.
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