The Story of your body
A story made for the energetic team of Halfbike to promote their believes... and spread the notion for human in motion.
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What is PHAZZA?


My name is Asi Petrov from Bulgaria and I make myself busy with animation. Until recently I was in advertisement and commercials, but in 2016 I decided to leave the business, because I couldn't find motivation, encouraging consumerism anymore.

So, I started a brand of my own - PHAZZA.

The first step towards realisation was backed up with initial grant donated by ROTARY-CLUB GILZE-RIJEN. The funding was spent on research and web development.

Currently, I am, pretty much, at the starting point and enthusiastically looking for opportunities to express my way of thinking.

I started DAZZ project which on a daily basis shows short animated spot related to an event in history, and I'm into prepair of several different projects.


In order to accumulate support in my activities, I started looking for organisations that are in tune with my ideas, and I try to be of value as a script writer, art director, designer, animator ... and whatever else needed to develop PHAZZA's potential .

Here is my portfolio for the last years.

  I am open for any opinion that can help in nourishing  the immense and powerful human spirit.

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